In the Wilderness

We are just starting Lent, and church services at this time of year remind us of Jesus in the wilderness. The wilderness is fascinating in all sorts of ways, though I must admit that my knowledge of wilderness is somewhat second-hand.  I caught something of the magic of the wilderness…

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Debates about exorcism

Debates about exorcism - Fraser Watts

There continues to be quite a lot of public interest in exorcism (or ‘deliverance’, as the Church of England prefers to call it). For several years I had a role in deliverance on behalf of the church, and so know something about it from the inside. One of the fascinating…

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The Easter Resonance

Easter is still marked by bank holidays, but people have largely lost track of what it is supposed to be about. It is partly about what happened to a particular man, Yeshua (or Jesus), from Nazareth about 2000 years ago, after he had been crucified. However, Christians are convinced it…

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