BPS Guest Post: The History and Philosophy of Psychology

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In my recent article for The British Psychology Society (BPS), I reflect on the History and Philosophy of Psychology: What It Is, and Why It Matters and the issues and challenges it faces in the UK.

The British Psychology Society (BPS)History and philosophy are of critical importance to psychology, which is why I talk about the importance of getting good documentation about the history of psychology. It enables us to build better archives, yes, but more than that, it also empowers us to be able to tell a good story of how psychology has developed, triggering debate and conversation.

I note that history and philosophy are important for the whole of psychology, because they promote a critical perspective and enable psychologists to achieve critical distance from what they are doing, providing a springboard for considering how psychology might evolve.

Welcoming the fact that Critical and Philosophical Issues (CHIP) is required to be taught in every undergraduate psychology degree in the UK, I also support the BPS in raising the profile and standards of CHIP in British psychology.