A Positive Vision of Europe

A Positive Vision of Europe Fraser Watts

The question of what kind of Europe we want has become a burning issue. However, the present discussion is strikingly negative. According to the polls, opinion is moving towards staying in, but that is largely fuelled by the growing realisation that leaving will cause a huge number of problems. So,…

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The Road to Somewhere

David Goodhart’s new book, The Road to Somewhere: The Populist Revolt and the Future of Politics is causing a stir. That is understandable as it addresses one of the most striking political developments of the last 12 months, seen in Brexit and Trumpism. The big new political divide seems to be,…

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Beyond Brexit and Trump in 2017

Fraser Watts writes about Brexit, Trump and 2017. 2016 was the year of Brexit and Trump, a year that saw a revival of isolationist, populist, reactionary politics in the UK, USA and several other European countries. The dangers this creates are huge, because of the divisions it opens up in…

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