Fraser Watts Interviews

Fraser often conducts interviews and attends speaking events. Below are a selection of videos in which Fraser has appeared. All of Fraser’s videos can be found on YouTube.



The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner

Here is an interview with Fraser Watts conducted for a film entitled ‘The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner’. The full film can be downloaded from


Engagements and Seminars

Dr Fraser Watts “Integrating Spiritual and Scientific Perspectives to Psychological Wellbeing”

Fraser gives a talk in Durham, about Dr Fraser Watts “Integrating Spiritual and Scientific Perspectives to Psychological Well-being”. This engagement took place on Thursday 1 February 2018.


Dr Fraser Watts: “A Philosophical and Religious Implications of the New Holistic Biology”

Dr Watts gives a talk in Oxford discussing a widespread misunderstanding of biology that is based on mono-causal thinking, in which a single factor is put forward as the sole explanation; in fact there are almost always multiple causal factors which interact with each other in complex ways.


Dr Fraser Watts: “Hope and Optimism: Theology, Psychology and Mental Health”

The talk at Durham University, which took place in May 2017, discussed hope and optimism in Theology, Psychology and Mental Health.



Dr Fraser Watts: “‘Spirituality’ as an Integration of Religion and Psychology”

This talk at the University of Durham in 2014 looked at the relationship between religion and spirituality and how the two intercede with psychology.



Dr. F. Watts: “Varieties of Emotion: Basic and Complex”

This seminar, which took place in 2015 at the University of Durham, is about the varieties of emotion and their differing levels of complexity as well as how this relates to psychology.



Dr Watts: “Session on Philosophical Theology”

This session, from 2012, discusses philosophical theology. It was part of a wider conference organised by the University of Heidelberg and the John Templeton Foundation.