Fraser’s Thoughts

Psychology and Spirituality: A House Divided

The relationship between psychology and spirituality is divided within itself. On the one hand there is the psychology of religion, which has recently broadened to become ‘the psychology of religion and spirituality’. On the other hand there is ‘transpersonal psychology’, which largely eschews religion and often seeks to integrate psychology…

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Psychosis and Spirituality

Many people have been impressed by the similarity between psychosis and spirituality. Some strange psychotic beliefs are explicitly religious, but there is also a more general similarity in the quality of thinking found in psychotic people and at least some religious people. They seem to have things in common that…

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What Jesus Accomplished

In my last blog I took a modest line about claims for the divinity of Jesus. In this blog I turn to what Jesus accomplished, and here I take a stronger line. In both cases I believe I am following the New Testament, which is much stronger about the ‘work’…

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