Fraser’s Thoughts

The Role of Church in Society

I would like to belong to a church that is trying to make a real difference to society, but I can’t find it. The present Church of England, like most mainline denominations, does not seem to be even trying to do that. It is not easy to put your finger…

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The New Politics

We seem to be moving into a new politics. For decades, politics has been dominated by the debate between left and right. Now there is a new debate between populist nationalism and liberal international. That was seen very clearly in the French Presidential elections in which both centre-left and centre-right…

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Is Psychology in ‘Crisis’?

There is currently much talk about the ‘crisis’ in psychology, arising from the growing realisation that many psychological findings, published in scientific journals, are unreplicable. This bout of self-criticism by psychology is a good thing, and is already leading to better practice. However, those with a philosophical perspective on psychology…

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In the Wilderness

We are just starting Lent, and church services at this time of year remind us of Jesus in the wilderness. The wilderness is fascinating in all sorts of ways, though I must admit that my knowledge of wilderness is somewhat second-hand.  I caught something of the magic of the wilderness…

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Is Prayer Recoverable?

‘Prayer’ currently doesn’t have a very good press. The majority of church goers probably don’t bother with it, though they accept it is something they are supposed to do. For the increasing number of people who are more spiritual than religious, prayer is seen as boring and irrelevant. Prayer is…

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A Positive Vision of Europe

A Positive Vision of Europe Fraser Watts

The question of what kind of Europe we want has become a burning issue. However, the present discussion is strikingly negative. According to the polls, opinion is moving towards staying in, but that is largely fuelled by the growing realisation that leaving will cause a huge number of problems. So,…

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