The Easter Resonance

Easter is still marked by bank holidays, but people have largely lost track of what it is supposed to be about. It is partly about what happened to a particular man, Yeshua (or Jesus), from Nazareth about 2000 years ago, after he had been crucified. However, Christians are convinced it…

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Relating Theory and Practice

fraser watts teaching

One of the enduring social challenges is to find better ways of relating ‘theory’ and ‘practice’. It is always a problem in professional training. Trainees can be taught the ‘theory’ but that doesn’t always mean they know what to do. For example teachers can be taught the theory of education…

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Why Should Christians Do Good?

Fraser Watts Help

Most people (Christians and otherwise) think that Christians should do good in the world, and I agree with them. But I think it makes a lot of difference why they should do that. For some time I have noticed that some of the reasons Christians give for doing good inspire…

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